Sesame Street’s New Initiative to Aid Startups That Help Kids

Sesame Ventures wants children to grow smarter, stronger and kinder.

Feb 19, 2016
Sesame Street

The gang from Sesame Street is all about kids

For over 45 years, Sesame Street has been all about child development. On top of literacy and numeracy, Elmo, Grover, Cookie Monster and the gang have taught millions of children the value of community, kindness and taking care of the environment. And behind the scenes is the nonprofit educational organization Sesame Workshop, which carries out this mission beyond television.

The scope of the organization’s initiatives is broad and impressive - from curriculum helping American teachers to educate on health issues, to encouraging a focus on girl’s education in Sesame Street television programs around the world. Most recently, the organization announced Sesame Ventures - an initiative to fund startups with similar missions.

“We are in the midst of an extraordinary time in the history of how digital technology can change the education, health and welfare of kids around the world,” says Jeffrey D. Dunn, Sesame Workshop’s CEO. “History suggests that much of that change will spring from new companies. By partnering with some of these startups, Sesame Workshop can help grow the next wave of kid-focused innovation and improve the lives of children everywhere.”

Just as Sesame Street did for television, Sesame Ventures stands to make technology a source of learning and enrichment for kids around the world - while keeping things light and fun at the same time.

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