The Simple Yet Foolproof Plan to Ensuring Clean Oceans

Take 3 challenges everyone to pick up three pieces of litter every time they go to the beach

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Ocean wave.

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Bottles, cigarette butts, plastic bags and can holders; most of these items amount to trash that should be placed in the garbage, right? Well instead of being properly disposed, this plastic junk is finding a home in the world’s oceans and seas. Posing as a serious danger to waterlife with over a million sea creatures being killed by marine debris each year, the Australian based nonprofit Take 3 is taking action. The name of the organization is exactly the solution proposed to transform littered beaches into pristine oases – every time you leave the beach, pick up three pieces of trash. Spearheaded by environmentalist Tim Silverwood, Take 3 is gaining more momentum with education initiatives and a fruitful partnership with Taronga Conservation Society to make sure that folks are leaving the world’s beaches and oceans cleaner than when they found them.

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