The Social Enterprise That Is Redefining Our Relationship to Technology

Restart salvages our electronic gadgets from the doom and gloom of a short term stint and giving them what they deserve: long lasting lives

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Cellphone repair.

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Technology is changing at a rapid rate, with new models of any gadget you can imagine coming out every couple of months. The technological overhaul contributes to e-waste and folks are quick to throw out the old and purchase the new. While there are plenty of creative ideas out there to create sustainable electronics, the London-based social enterprise Restart Project aims at a different direction: no recycling, no upcycling, but - increasing the longevity of technological devices. Restart teaches people how to repair their electronics by facilitating community events in London and abroad, as well as providing resources for users and those interested fixing and tinkering.
Responding to the excessive consumption of electronics, founders Janet Gunter and Ugo Vallauri are paving the way to create a more resource-conscious, interlinked and resilient public – one electronic device at a time.

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