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Live with meaning and purpose.

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The days are long and lazy and you can feel the summer heat and energy embracing you. Now is the ideal time for you to start a journey of self-discovery and purposeful living. Imagine a summer filled with meaningful pursuits and opportunities to connect with nature, yourself, and the world around you every day. At Goodnet, we have created a soulful summer calendar with a carefully curated list of everyday activities to infuse your summer with meaning.

Live with meaning and purpose  

Get started today by downloading our Soulful Summer Living Calendar for the month of July 2023. Prepare to set off on a voyage of self-discovery, connection, and living in accordance with your deepest wishes as we reveal the keys to a soulful summer full of meaning and joy. 


Choose optimism  

Your wellbeing and general perspective can be dramatically changed by making the decision to be optimistic and implementing positive thinking and action into your life. Optimism enables you to approach problems with a positive outlook and the conviction that you can surmount any hurdles that may come your way. By adopting positive thinking, you reorient your attention toward gratitude, optimism and faith. Your relationships, physical health, resilience, and mental and emotional health are all enhanced by this conceptual shift. Positive thinking motivates you to embrace a growth mentality, create self-assurance, and look for ways to grow and evolve. 

International businesswoman, philanthropist and Goodnet Founder Shari Arison is a firm believer in the power of positive thinking. “Anyone can be an optimist: I myself am not an optimist by nature. I have worked and am still working every day towards choosing to be optimistic, and that's why I know everyone can. All we need is the will and the intention to choose this mindset over and over again,” she shared in a Facebook post.

Walk barefoot
By experiencing the textures and energy of the earth while you're barefoot, you become more connected to it. Being barefoot can increase muscle strength, balance, and mindfulness. When you are barefoot, you are revitalized by the sensation of the ground, which can serve as a reminder to slow down and savor the little things in life.

Pick fresh berries
Picking fresh berries is a fun summer activity that is also good for you! Berry picking takes you outside, where you can commune with nature and get in some mild exercise. Additionally, the berries that you pick by yourself for yourself or your loved ones are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that contribute to a healthy diet and advance general wellbeing.

Summertime meditation offers a tranquil and revitalizing reprieve from the stress of everyday life and enables you to develop mindfulness, calm your mind, and lessen tension. Regular meditation can increase your capacity for concentration, develop emotional stability, and foster self-awareness, all of which can contribute to a more fulfilling and well-balanced life.

Watch the sunset
There is nothing as peaceful and uplifting as watching the sun go down. When you witness a sunset, you are prompted to stop, think, and take in the beauty of the surrounding environment. Taking in the vivid hues and the gradual change from day to night can make you feel grateful, at ease, and like you're a part of something much broader than yourself.

Walk in nature
There are numerous advantages to walking in nature for your physical and emotional health. Nature walks are relaxing on so many levels. Walking through nature, you can enjoy being surrounded by vegetation, breathe clean air, and absorb vitamin D from sunlight. Nature walks provide a chance to disconnect from the stresses of daily life, reconnect with the natural world, and find comfort in its peace.

Create a vision board
Making a vision board is an effective technique to translate your aspirations and goals into reality. A vision board might be especially satisfying during the summer months, when you have more spare time.

Cook a nourishing meal
Using seasonal, fresh foods to prepare a healthy dinner is a wonderful way to nurture both yourself and others around you. When you start creating in the kitchen, you use your imagination, stimulate your senses, and appreciate the flavors of the moment. A satisfying dinner shared with loved ones can strengthen bonds and generate enduring memories.

Summertime volunteering is a great chance to give back to your community and leave a lasting impression. Volunteering enables you to support a cause you care about and experience the thrill of making a difference in someone's life, whether it's assisting a local charity, helping with environmental protection, or mentoring someone in need.

A happy and expressive type of movement, dancing can be incredibly gratifying and stress-relieving. It enables you to communicate with your body, share your feelings, and enjoy the pure joy of moving to music. Dancing on a hot summer night can energize your soul and add color to your life, whether it's at a social event or just in the comfort of your own home.

Join a book club
Joining a book club allows you to indulge in the pleasure of reading and take part in thought-provoking talks. You can discover fresh viewpoints, meet people who share your interests in books, and explore various genres. Book clubs promote critical thinking, intellectual development, and a sense of community.

Try sound healing
Investigating sound healing techniques over the summer might be a life-changing event.  Sound therapy uses vibrations and resonances to encourage relaxation, lessen tension, and reestablish mental and physical equilibrium. The use of calming sounds, such as singing bowls or gongs, can promote profound relaxation, the release of emotional tension, and an improvement in general wellbeing.

Create art
The summer is a great time to express yourself and let your creativity run free by participating in artistic activities. Any type of art, whether it be painting, drawing or sculpting can provide a therapeutic outlet for feelings and thoughts. Making art can be a peaceful practice that promotes mindfulness and enables you to connect with your deepest aspirations. 

Attend a drum circle
Summertime drum circles offer a special chance to interact with others. For generations, drumming has been utilized as a tool for celebration, healing, and communication. Participants' connection, synchronicity, and sense of unity are all fostered by drum circles. Your mood can be improved, your stress levels can be lowered, and you can connect with both the group's collective energy and your own inner rhythm thanks to the rhythmic sounds.

Have a picnic
A pleasant and easy way to take advantage of the great outdoors and spend time with loved ones is to have a picnic. Picnics encourage you to take your time, enjoy good meals, and soak up the beauty of the natural world. Through connection, amusement, and relaxation, picnics let you live in the now and create cherished memories.

Jump in a lake
On a sweltering summer day, jumping into a lake is revitalizing and refreshing. Lake swimming provides an opportunity to commune with nature's elements, enjoy the thrill of the water, and engage in swimming's innocent joy. Once you take the leap, allow your stress to be washed away by the cool water as it revitalizes your body and spirit.

Go on a photography walk
You can discover your surroundings from a new angle by going on a photography walk. A photography walk motivates you to pay close attention to the little things, see the beauty in the everyday, and record special events. Participating in photography walks can encourage mindfulness, creativity, and a deeper appreciation for the environment around you.

Be in the moment
Your general wellbeing can be improved by engaging in mindfulness practices and being fully present. Being in the moment means that you tune into your senses, let go of distractions, and actively watch and interact with your environment. You can appreciate the little pleasures, strengthen relationships with others, and develop a sense of gratitude for the here and now by living in the moment.

Tend your garden
Summertime garden maintenance gives you a sense of connection to nature and the satisfaction of caring for living things. You can develop patience, understand the cycle of life, and take in the beauty of growth through gardening as a therapeutic hobby. It provides a chance for introspection, grounding, and a greater appreciation of nature.

Take a digital break
Your mind, body, and relationships can all benefit from any form of summertime hiatus from screens and technology. You can unplug from the digital world and re-engage with the real world and those around you. Reducing screen time encourages a healthier and more balanced lifestyle by making time for self-reflection, creativity, and deeper interactions.

Attend an outdoor concert
A wonderful way to enjoy live music during the summer is to attend an outdoor concert. Concerts provide an opportunity to socialize with other music enthusiasts, let loose while dancing, and enjoy the uplifting power of music and song. Outdoor concerts offer the opportunity to make enduring memories and share in the thrill of music. 

Go to an amusement park
Summertime amusement park visits can stoke your sense of adventure and unleash your inner child. With rides, games, and entertainment, parks can provide a thrilling and enjoyable experience. Amusement parks give you the chance to make enduring memories, connect with loved ones, and experience the joy and fervor of the season, giving your summer a little more enchantment and spontaneity.

Keeping a journal is a reflective habit that enables you to put your ideas, feelings, and experiences down on paper. Journaling can be a helpful tool for self-reflection and personal development over the summer. Keeping a journal offers a secure place for reflection, goal-setting, and expressions of gratitude. You gain clarity, relieve tension, and develop a deeper awareness of yourself by writing down your thoughts. 

Go to the beach
Going to the beach is a surefire way to unwind, feel refreshed, and establish a connection with nature. The beach offers a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy the sunshine, hear the waves' calming roar, and feel the sand between your toes. Visiting the beach gives you a chance to relax, rejuvenate, and take in the beauty of the natural world, leaving you with a renewed sense of vitality and a profound appreciation for the wonders of the sea.

Nap in a hammock
A relaxing method to unwind and take advantage of summertime's carefree days is to take a long snooze in a hammock. Climbing into a hammock enables you to completely let go of tension, sway gently in the breeze, and feel weightless. Hammock naps enhance deep sleep, lower stress levels, and promote a slower pace of living, which can help you find peace and refuel your energy for more fulfilling summer activities.

Run through sprinklers
A simple and enjoyable pastime that brings out your inner child and encourages playful spontaneity is running through sprinklers. Sprinklers provide a chance to relax, laugh, and lose inhibitions. Running through sprinklers with a carefree attitude serves as a reminder to enjoy the moment, have fun and be grateful for the simple pleasures that make summer great.

Watch fireflies
It is a lovely experience to watch fireflies light up the night in the summer. Fireflies can  inspire amazement and wonder, bringing the beauty of the natural world closer to you. Your summer evenings will be unforgettable if you spend them watching the fireflies, as they spark a sense of youthful wonder, and remind you of the enchantment that occurs in the simplest of moments.

Host a bonfire
Summer gatherings around bonfires bring people together in a cozy and welcoming environment. Bonfires foster interpersonal interaction, storytelling, and family bonding. Summer nights come alive with shared experiences and treasured memories thanks to the roaring fire and the warm atmosphere. 

Visit a farmers market
During the summer, visiting a farmers market gives you the chance to meet regional farmers and artisans, find locally grown food, and support your community. Farmers markets provide a lively environment where you can use all of your senses, sample novel flavors, and discover sustainable and organic methods. These markets promote a healthier and more conscientious style of living, a thoughtful attitude toward eating, and a sense of connection to the earth.

Go to a soulful yoga class
A special chance to rejuvenate your body and spirit this summer is to take a soulful yoga class. Meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness are frequently incorporated into soulful yoga programs, allowing you to develop a closer relationship with yourself. You can improve your physical stamina, flexibility, and balance as well as your cerebral acuity, emotional stability, and self-awareness by engaging in soulful yoga practice. 

Sleep under the stars
A profound sense of connection and awe-inspiring majesty can be felt when sleeping under the stars in the summer. Camping out for the night enables you to unplug from the hectic pace of daily life, take in the splendor of the night sky, and establish a stronger connection with the cosmos. Sleeping outside enables you to accept simplicity, enjoy the immensity of the night sky and find calm in the stillness. Being reminded of your place in the universe and being invited to live in harmony with nature's rhythms can be a humbling and transformational experience.

Make fresh lemonade
Making fresh lemonade in the summer involves more than just putting together a cool drink. You engage in a creative and sensual experience when you use fresh lemons and add your unique touch. Making lemonade allows you to enjoy the process, appreciate the pleasure of life, and be totally present in the moment. A glass of home-made lemonade shared with loved ones or savored alone can foster bonds, arouse sentiments of joy, and serve as a reminder to cherish the little, pleasant moments that make summer memorable.

We at Goodnet hope that incorporating these acts into your summer will remind you of your ability to control your experiences and give your life meaning and purpose. May the experiences created throughout the upcoming summer serve as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging you to live your best life throughout the year. 

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