The Special Movie Screenings for People With Disabilities

Sensory-sensitive film screenings across the US cater to people with autism and other disabilities.


A family at the cinema

Sensory-sensitive screenings make a trip to the cinema enjoyable for all families (arramba Production / 

A collaboration between AMC movie theatres and the Autism Society offers a range of sensory-sensitive film screenings at cinemas across the United States. Four movie slots a month of the current films showing in theatres - everything from thrillers to Disney films - cater to those with autism, including turning the lights up and the sound down so that viewers can get up, walk around, dance, shout and sing to their heart's desire.

For many children with autism and their parents, the simple idea of going to the movies can be a struggle. Knowing that their children can let loose and be themselves relieves the tension and anxiety of having to keep quiet and sit for hours straight, which can be challenging for most children - even more so for those extra sensitive to sensory stimulation. These special screenings take care to regulate large crowds of people, bright lights and loud sounds and families are also encouraged to bring snacks from home for those with selective dietary needs.

The screenings take place the second and fourth Tuesday and Saturday of every month and accommodate a family-friendly time frame: Saturdays at 10 am and Tuesdays at 7 pm. The feeling of acceptance and knowing that everyone is in a "similar boat" has made the events so popular that people with disabilities across the board are also attending the screenings.

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