Stressed New Yorkers Get a Flower Bouquet in Unlikely Places

Surprises in the city

Jun 13, 2017
(Lewis Miller Design)

New York City Florist Lewis Miller wanted to spread some joy, so he, along with his team, decided to beautify the streets of NYC. The flower designer created gorgeous bouquets and placed them inside some unlikely locations, neighborhood trash cans.

Miller is self funding his beautification project and he describes the initiative as his “labor of love” to the bustling city. All trash cans are spray painted with a “LMD x NYC” tag (Lewis Miller Design) so pedestrians and social media users can see the photos on Instagram.

The LMD project director told TODAY that their goal is to make New Yorkers happy. “They’re our flowers to New York. That’s really the message — to gift flowers to New Yorkers for no other reason than to make them smile,” they said. “If they’re really early risers and they come while we’re making them, they ask us what it’s for. And we say, ‘It’s for you.’ They truly don’t believe us — that disbelief is very New York.”

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