Take Control and Make a Public Statement about Your Neighborhood

Neighborhood Remarks is an open project to comment about what is going on in your community



A neighborhood.

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One day you notice that your favorite local coffee shop has a for sale sign and is being replaced by another store that doesn’t suit the neighborhood. What do you do?
That is the type of situation that spurred Good’s Top 100 Global Citizen Njoki Gitahi to create Neighborhood Remarks. The project is a set of outdoor stickers with fill-in-the-blank statements that open up a conversation about what is happening in the community. Free to download, the stickers range in comments from “Wouldn’t ______ be a better addition to the block” or “How does ______ help our neighborhood?” While there are online platforms that mobilize neighbors to take charge of their communities, Gitahi’s hands-on-project stands as a visible public statement, allowing anyone to express their feelings - both positive and negative - about the changes happening in their ‘hoods.

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