Tap Into the Benefits of Binaural Beats

Tune into these incredible sound meditations!

A woman meditates to the relaxing soundwaves of binaural beats.

(Mladen Mitrinovic / Shutterstock.com)

Binaural beats are a type of soundwave meditation with incredible benefits. It could help to sleep deeper, learn and focus better, and feel uplifted. So, put on your headphones and tune in!

Also known as brain wave meditation or brain wave entrainment, binaural beats get you into a meditative state faster than traditional methods, according to Healthline. This works when listening to tones with different frequencies, one in each ear. 

When processing the different sounds, the brain finds a synchronistic point between the two. For example, if your left ear is listening to 121 Hertz (Hz) and your right ear is hearing sounds at 132 Hz, your brain will recalibrate to hear a tone of 11 Hz. 

Any beat between 1 Hz and 30 Hz creates the same brain wave pattern as experienced during meditation. There are four brain wave patterns within this range: delta, theta, alpha, and beta. When binaural beats align within each range, the resulting brain waves elicit different states of mind. Here is a guide to the incredible benefits of binaural beats.

Delta is for sleep

With the delta ranging from 1 to 4 Hz, it is the slowest brain wave pattern, and a matching binaural beat induces deep sleep and relaxation. Binaural beats have actually been used to treat insomnia, according to Psychology Today.

In fact, this is the pattern of dreamless sleep, according to a report from the Centerpointe Research Institute. In this deep, trance-like state that the brain releases a healing growth hormone. This super sleep video on YouTube is recorded with 4 Hz delta brain waves.

Theta is for creativity

The theta range is between 4 and 7.9 Hz, and in this state you may experience being more calm and creative. This mirrors the state of sleep when you are dreaming, according to the Centerpointe report. 

This is also the place of enhanced creativity, increased memory, and super-learning. Try out this Tibetan bell and singing bowl meditation on YouTube with a binaural beat of 7 Hz.

Alpha is for well-being

The alpha state ranges from 8 to 13.9 Hz and offers a positive, uplifted state of being. This is the place of deep relaxation, the twilight state that hovers between sleep and being awake, according to Centerpointe. At the higher end, you enter a relaxed, yet focused state.

The alpha, theta, and delta brain waves are also important in the production of hormones crucial for health. Listening to binaural beats in these ranges creates an increase in DHEA and melatonin with a decrease in cortisol. You can access this flow state using this YouTube video.

Beta is for learning

The beta range is the most rapid. It is between 14 and 30 HZ and enhances learning, including better concentration, alertness, and improved memory, according to Healthline.

These brain waves are connected to concentration and cognition, as described by Centerpointe, so if you are learning a new language or any new material, tune into beta.

This beta frequency has also been reported to improve mood, according to a study in Physiology & Behavior. Researchers are also optimistic that binaural beats could be applied to enhance attention and performance. For enhanced focus, listen to this beta wave video on YouTube.