TED Talk of the Week: How We Can Eat Our Landscapes

Pam Warhurst introduces us to a local food movement whose motto is “if you eat, you’re in.”

Sep 1, 2015

Welcome to Todmorden. A small town in the north of England and a community garden oasis.  A stroll through Todmorden leads you to the Incredible Edible Green Route, where you can munch your way through the towpaths and exhibition gardens. Walk past the police station and snap off some fresh herbs from the raised beds. Meander by the health center and pluck an apple from the tree by the entry.

Pam Warhurst is the mastermind behind Todmorden’s edible landscape and founder of Incredible Edible, a community-based initiative dedicated to growing food locally on unused land.

In this TED Talk of the Week, Warhurst unpacks the Incredible Edible movement, which focuses on three so-called “plates:” a community plate, a learning plate and a business plate. In her own feisty, fiery way, Warhurst proves how growing food on unused land changes the way people live their lives, what skills kids are taught in schools, and how local businesses can profit.

Well worth the watch for her humorous commentary alone, Warhurst’s TED talk invokes the idea that small actions in small towns are often the most powerful.

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