TED's annual prize - what a surprise!

An idea - City 2.0 - is the winner

Downtown Los Angeles.

(TierneyMJ / shutterstock.com)

A departure from previous years, TED awarded their annual prize to an idea, not a person. City 2.0 is envisioned as being a way to improve cities around the world. This ranges from increasing sustainability, perfecting urban planning and creating happier and healthier urban living spaces. The $100,000 prize will be a springboard to gather community leaders, change makers and anyone with a good idea who wants to be a part of positively transforming the cities we live in. 
Apparently, improving and upgrading cities and citylife is a heavily-engaging topic, which is featured prominently on various platforms: see Casey Caplow's take on "smart cities" and Urbanflow's plan to make Helsinki more connected with its dwellers. What's especially nice about the TED-endorsed Cities 2.0 project is that it provides everyone an opportunity to be part of an inspiring global initiative to impact the world. Are you in?  

From the horse’s mouth: www.tedprize.org/announcing-the-2012-ted-prize-winner