These Dads Are What Father’s Day is All About!

Two fathers are creating beautiful memories for kids that will enrich their lives for years to come.

These Dads Are What Father’s Day is All About! | Two fathers are creating beautiful memories for kids that will enrich their lives for years to come.

It’s almost here again. That special annual tribute to all the goodness that fathers and father figures add to the lives of their children in their male parenting role. And it’s about so much more than gift-giving. We’re spotlighting two remarkable Dads for Father’s Day this year.

Rob Kenney: Giving kids the childhood he missed out on
These days, Rob Kenney, a personable, gentle father of two is a cheerful guy. But Rob Kenney’s own, toxic childhood was nothing like the bright one he offers his kids today. Aged just 12, he learned that his father, who had been given custody of his children, wanted to free himself of his parental responsibilities. One day, he shared with his son that he didn’t want any more to do with Rob or his siblings, Kenney said in an interview with Shattered. His father even told him “You’re going to have to figure out where these kids are going because otherwise I’m putting them in foster homes.”

But instead of hindering him, Kenney’s difficult formative years spurred him to help other kids who find themselves in a similar situation. Now, through his YouTube channel, “Dad, how do I?” which launched on April 1 and recently notched up two million subscribers, he offers practical hacks to kids and teens or what he calls “dadvice”.  He modestly explains that his intention is to help just a few people with not only how to fix things, but also how to manage their lives as they mature.

Whether it’s how to jump start a car, make your bed like a hotel pro, fix a clogged sink or tie a tie before your first interview, this is sound advice. He offers "Dad jokes" but also words of encouragement. He even reads children’s stories!

Luca Trapanese: Opening his heart and home to a little girl
Alba, a bubbly toddler with Down Syndrome, had already been rejected by 20 families at just 13 days old after her mother put her up for adoption. But then Luca Trapanese, someone with a history of volunteering and experienced in working with children with disabilities, stepped in to welcome the adorable infant into his life,  and instantly became a loving, single dad.

Trapanese documents his unusual and very fulfilling parenthood journey in Nata per me, a book written with Luca Mercadente, which translates to “born for me”. This is a beautiful ode to the miracle that has brought light into his life as the following clip shows:

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Trapanese recounted to how the story of Alba’s adoption is one that “destroys any stereotypes about fatherhood, religion and family.” Trapanese, an Italian, lives in a country where adoption laws are traditional, which meant that his being both single and gay made him an unlikely candidate for approval. However, his wish was granted. After a lengthy administrative process, he became a proud father who continues to challenge the perception of parenting as a single dad, as he documents his new family’s joy for the world.

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