These Edible Spoons Create Zero Waste and Taste Great

Trishula hopes to make its mark in the food and tableware industry.


(Courtesy of Trishula)

Environmentalists are working hard to reduce the use of single-use plastics. The EU just voted to ban them by 2025 and plastic cutlery is on the list.

The alternatives to plastic silverware have been to go back to reusable silverware, biodegradable throwaways and one of the newest innovations edible spoons. The concept sounds ideal, finish your meal and then eat the spoon, so there is no waste. That would be great but what do edible spoons taste like?

Kruvil Patel, 24, from Gujarat India decided that he could combine the environmentally positive concept with the idea that edible spoons should taste good too. His startup now produces spoons in eight flavors.

Patel is an engineer turned entrepreneur who became interested in using edible spoons as an environmental alternative to plastic when he was a college student studying engineering.

“I heard about how edible cutlery is replacing single-use plastic products, which are a threat. I ordered a couple of edible spoons from Hyderabad. Upon receiving my order, I realized that they don’t resemble regular spoons, and the quality and taste was not appealing. That is when I hit upon the idea of making edible spoons that were good to taste,” Patel told NDTV.

When he graduated, Patel, told NDTV that his family wanted him to join the family business, but he wanted to develop his own edible spoons. Ones that actually looked like spoons and tasted delicious so that people would want to eat them. They were not supportive, but he pursued his unique concept anyway.

Patel worked on his idea for a year and a half of intensive research and developing prototypes until he had a product that met his standards. He launched his company, named Trishula, in November 2017 and it rapidly expanded in India and beyond.

The spoons come in eight flavors including marsala, chocolate, mint, black pepper, spinach, ajwain (carom seeds) beetroot, and plain (just salted). There is something for everyone.

All of the spoons are made of multigrain flour, binding agents like salt and water, natural Indian

spices and natural flavors. The spoons are 100 percent natural, vegetarian, and do have any added preservatives or added sugar. They have a shelf life of 12 months from the date they were manufactured.

Trishula spoons are biodegradable if you do not want to eat them but why not eat them? You can also place orders for spoons that are customized with a message or logo and are available in different sizes.

Replacing single-use plastic with sustainable products is not only a great idea it is an urgently necessary one. Here's an easy way to do your part one spoon at a time.

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