These Toe-ga Poses Offer Yoga for the Toes

Heal those ankles, toes and heels with these foot exercises!


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Your feet deserve a little TLC each day! After all, they provide the foundation for your body. You have probably heard of yoga poses like downward-facing dog, but what about toe-ga to keep your feet healthy, study, and strong? A little toe-ga can help build mobility and flexibility in your feet. Practice self care and give these yoga poses a try; you may build flexibility in your feet for a lifetime!

Restore the feet in yogi squat
Yogi squat, or square pose, offers a delightful daily stretch to build strength in the feet and ankles, according to ACTIVE. Stand with feet hip-width apart and slowly lower hips. You can use your hands for support on the mat in front of you or place them in prayer. 

Focus on your connection to the ground and actively engage all your toes. For a variation, try lifting and lowering the toes as you hold the squat, or try balancing on your toes as you lift your ankles.

Strengthen the ankles in palm tree
Yoga Journal recommends this simple pose to build strength in the ankles. Begin in mountain pose, standing tall with hands beside the body. As you inhale, lift heels as high as possible and balance weight on the toes. Then exhale and return your feet down. You can stand in front of a wall to help with balance. 

Relieve tension with a big toe stretch
Big toe flexibility plays an important role in the health of your feet, according to Medical News Today. To stretch your toes and relieve toe pain, try their simple big toe stretch. 

While seated, raise one foot at a time to gently stretch the big toe up, down, and to the side. Repeat ten times then switch to the opposite foot.

Feel grounded with tree pose
Stand tall in this balancing pose to awaken the feet and feel grounded. Tree pose involves lifting one of the feet and tucking it into your inner thigh. Then place your hands at prayer or raise them above your head, like the tall limbs of a tree. As you balance on one foot, you will stretch and strengthen the ligaments and tendons of the feet, according to MasterClass.

Stretch the toes with a kneeling pose
Need a good stretch in your toes? Yoga Journal suggests resting on your heels with your toes tucked. Breathe gently and hold for 30 seconds. You can also deepen the stretch by sitting your hips further back. You will improve balance and reduce the chance of injury.

Flex the feet in seated forward fold
Melt away in this full-body stretch that releases tension from the heels up. Enter the pose in a seated position with legs pointed forward. Fold from the waist. If you can, clasp your big toes with the middle and pointer fingers of both hands. 

For another variation, wrap the hands around flexed feet, and gently pull the upper part of the feet towards you, for nice toe-ga stretching. According to Essex Union Podiatry, foot flexing helps prevent muscle spasms in the feet and builds flexibility in your lower body.

Improve ankle mobility with hips to heels
Alleviate tension in the ankles with this easy hips to heels exercise. On thenaturallifestylist, barefoot athlete Tony Riddle recommends moving your body forward and back from hips to heels supported by heels and hands. You will improve mobility and stability while opening up the ankles.

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