These Wolves Can Help You Find a New Way of Thinking [VIDEO]

The benefits of mindfulness, as told by Native American folklore.

Mar 23, 2016
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Sharon Salzberg is back, with another wise clip on mindfulness from Happify. In this animation, Salzberg narrates a Native American tale, told by an elder to a child of the tribe. He tells the child he has two wolves fighting in his heart - one filled with compassion, generousity and peace, the other its exact opposite. The curious child asks which wolf will win, and the answer is the central message of the clip - "the one I feed."

By calmly paying attention to the angry wolf, Salzberg explains, eventually it loses its power to control us. And on the flip side, by feeding the positive wolf, we build ourselves a steady guide that can be with us through life's ups and downs.

She explains that with mindfulness we can identify our feelings as they're happening, and thus choose what to strengthen and what to release - thereby freeing ourselves from old ways of thinking and being.

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