This Company Turns Sick Kids Into Superheroes

Brave Gowns empowers children in hospitals when they need extra human strength to overcome illness.

Oct 7, 2019


This Company Turns Sick Kids Into Superheroes | Brave Gowns empowers children in hospitals when they need extra human strength to overcome illness.

A Superhero is a character with extraordinary physical or mental powers, far beyond the range of normal human ability and kids want to be one. Superheroes give kids a moral compass and the courage to navigate the universe with, Axel Alonso, the editor-in-chief at Marvel Comic told beliefnet. ” 

How much more so do kids give suffering from cancer need a source of hope and courage. That’s where Brave Gowns comes in. established in 2015, the company’s hospital gowns for sick kids come with special superhero capes. Indeed, these kids have superhuman strength to overcome their biggest fears, and magical little gowns of empowerment offer exactly that.

Brave Gowns created the tiny superhero capes as a type of comfort blanket for children going through such a traumatic time. The costumes empower them, lift them up, and give the mental strength they need whenever they feel fear. 

Every day in the US, 43 children are diagnosed with cancer. Over 40,000 children undergo treatment for cancer in a single year alone, with many of them spending their final days in the hospital. Something so small as a character cape can make a huge difference for their happiness. 

The creator of the company, Summer Germann, understands firsthand how much these capes can mean to a child in the hospital. On the website, she says that her only sibling, Mac, was admitted to hospital when he was just 10 years old. After spending one year in PICU, her brother sadly passed away that same year.

In loving memory of her brother, Germann came up with the idea of designing hospital-friendly gowns with creative patterns to brighten up those little patients’ lives. By replacing the plain and aged hospital gowns with a colorful Brave Gown, children's personalities can shine through even at their toughest times. 

Not only do Brave Gowns come in over 50 different designs, but patrons can also design personalized gowns for a child or donate to any sponsored children currently in hospital or on the waiting list. There is a link on the website to gift a gown for a child who needs one. With detachable sleeves, IV and chest-port access, back closure and super soft, permeable material, each gown is clinically approved and specially designed for children who are undergoing treatment, having an MRI, or simply for a time when they need a sense of bravery. 

Brave Gowns have been worn in over 250 hospitals across seven countries. The special gowns have made a positive impact on over 450,000 kids' lives so far and the company continues to expand. 

Brave Gowns allows kids to be superheroes when they need extra human strength to overcome illness. We need to applaud the extraordinary courage of these children.  

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