This Crowdfunding Campaign Celebrates Love in a Totally New Way

The Lovemark aims to be the world's first interanational monument dedicated to love

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Celebrating love.

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Numerous love songs, TV shows, movies and artworks celebrate the notion of love.
The Lovemark - a monument in the works - aims to take the most mysterious emotion of all to the well trodden realm of the urban public space.
The brainchild of two Greek students called Apostolos and Christos, the project is now campaigned on Indiegogo, and originally hoped to garner $1,000 to make it happen. So far, the duo has snatched over $6,000 - so it seems that the dream will become a reality - thanks to the help of loving backers.
The monument is made up of cubes, each inscribed with a love message penned by backers, and in fact it's the inherent contradictions that make this monument exceptional: the intimate emotion constrasted with the crowds who fund the monument or the robustness of a cube with the softness of a carved-out heart.
A portion of the money raised will be donated to charity to highlight important work being done to prevent violence against women.
The location of The Lovemark is up for grabs, and cities all over the world will get the chance to bid to host it when it's complete. Once erected, the interactive monument will use cutting-edge technology to recognize contributors when they come on site and it will light up as a sign of gratitude.
So - ready to leave your mark on The Lovemark? If so - just click here.

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