This Delicious & Green Food Celebration is Breaking Records

Veganuary is full of mouth-watering reasons to explore plant-based eating.


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As January 2020 ushers us into a new decade, Veganuary 2020 invites us to embrace a new era of sustainable, ethical, and healthy plant-based food to whet our appetite and help our planet.

Adopting a vegan diet full time is not for everyone. While celebrity ambassadors like actor Joaquin Phoenix are advocating for Veganuary, many people are just looking to dip their toe in the water and try out some healthy, plant-based eating.

According to news network Euronews, Veganuary has recruited over half a million people in 178 different countries since its inception in 2014.

Public interest has been overwhelming. In late December, the organization tweeted, “New statistics show the positive impact of trying vegan this January! ⁠#Veganuary2020 is shaping up to be the biggest year yet, with one person signing up every 15 seconds!”

In addition to enlisting a record-breaking number of participants, the drive also boasts long-term supporters. Close to 50 percent of participants decide to go fully vegan afterwards, with 65 percent of them reporting that going vegan was much easier than they expected, Toni Vernelli, Veganuary’s international head of communications and marketing, told Euronews.

Plant-based foods are about more than just healthy eating. According to the organization’s website, Veganuary “encourages and supports people and businesses alike to move to a plant-based diet as a way of protecting the environment, preventing animal suffering and improving the health of millions of people.”

For plant-based food to be more accessible as well as more appetizing, it’s also important to get business on board. To encourage and support business participation, Veganuary has partnered with over 500 companies to develop and promote new plant-based options for consumers.

The Veganuary portal even comes fully stocked with eating guides, plant-based news, and nourishing recipes.

Feeling inspired to eat vegan food this month? Check out some of our favorite recipes:

A yummy breakfast
Breakfast can seem particularly difficult for those trying out vegan living for the first time, but you’ll be glad to know that every breakfast option on Veganuary’s list is more enticing than the last! Taking in baked carrot bacon, avocado matcha smoothies, and applesauce pancakes, this list has something for everyone. Our favorite is butternut squash bread. Replace wholemeal flour with spelt for an extra protein boost!

A lunch you’ll love!
Whether you’re looking for something light and easy-to-pack for the office, or an inspiring meal to share with friends, this list is simply scrumptious. Charred mushroom and cashew pizza is one of the indulgent recipes you can find on the website. No oil sweet potato chips is also recommended. This dish is both light and filling, so it won’t exhaust you in the middle of the workday, and its an easy way to impress your gluten-free friends.  

Delish dinnertime
If you’re wondering which vegan comfort foods you can bask in this winter, look no further. Chili sin carne is just one of the scrumptious and heart-warming recipes on Veganuary’s site. Have no fear, for those looking for healthier options, recipes for raw summer rolls, artichoke soup, and baked tamari mushrooms are also just a click away.

Snacks to die for...
Could we really try out the vegan lifestyle without snacks at our fingertips? Among the many options on the website, our favorite is caramelized onion dip with hot focaccia. Handy and healthy snacks are especially important as we transition our diets as they enable us to plan our next meals thoughtfully.

Decadent desserts
Often considered the least vegan dishes, desserts are some of the easiest foods to ‘veganize’. Ground flax seeds replace eggs, cashews replace creamers, and plant milks can substitute their dairy alternative. These recipes are delicious, easy, and healthy. We recommend almond sweets, perfect for a morning energy bite, midday boost, or late-night treat.  For something more decadent, check out blueberry lemon cheesecake.

Whether you’re interested in exploring plant-based eating for environmental, ethical, or health reasons- Veganuary can help make your new-style diet easy, delicious, and empowering. Making dietary changes can be incredibly challenging, especially as food is so connected to our childhood, culture, and even the pleasure centers in your brain.

Be kind to yourself as you explore different plant-based dishes, and keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to connect to others who are also looking into plant-based food choices. For more support, such as nutritional and inspirational guidance, check out challenge-22.  

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