This Eatery Transforms Unwanted Produce into Delicious Meals

Even vegetables deserve a second chance


Freshly cooked dishes are presented at one of the locations of the Instock restaurant.

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Instock is determined to not let good food go to waste. The restaurant--which has locations in Amsterdam, Utrecht, and The Hague) turns food surplus into tasty, creative meals.

One third of the world’s food is wasted, and Instock’s mission is to change that by raising awareness about the issue and reusing food that oftentimes stays on shelves. Instock saves around 2000 kilos of food every week.

Items such as day-old bread, slightly bruised fruits and vegetables, and extra meats and fish are turned into fresh culinary creations. Each morning, Instock’s drivers wake up before stores open and collect unsold food items. While all of the products meet food safety guidelines, they’re often cast aside anyway.

Instock’s aim is to push their creative culinary boundaries through improvisation, while educating citizens on food waste and its impact on the environment, one plate at a time.

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