This Eatery Turns Otherwise Wasted Food Into Delicious Dishes

Instock is reducing food waste one meal at a time


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In the chain of food production, only two thirds of the product actually ends up getting eaten. The other third goes to waste somewhere along the line - whether it be in production, in shops or restaurants or with the end consumer. An innovative Dutch restaurant called Instock is working to solve that issue and raise awareness around it, by creating delicious dishes using food that would otherwise go to waste.

The process is simple and sustainable. Every morning, Instock staff do a round of Amsterdam - in an electric car, no less - and collect the products from nearby markets, butchers and fish shops. Every day brings different food, and with it a surprise menu that makes use of the products in stock. Meals are sold in Instock’s restaurant, toko and food truck.

Diners can “rescue” a tasty meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner or takeaway - and join the mission to reduce food waste. The daily changing menu means that helping food waste can be a daily - and delicious! - affair.  

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