Can You Guess What Fuels the UK’s New Sustainable Bus?

Hint: It’s something you get rid of every day.


Eco-friendly bus.

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When you take out the trash or flush the toilet - do you ever stop to think about the vast amounts of energy you’re actually throwing away? Probably not - and that’s okay! Here to think about those scores of precious potential energy for us is green-as-can-be waste treatment company GENeco, and its ground-breaking BioBus. That’s right, the BioBus runs on trash and sewage. 
Already more than just a pipe dream, the first BioBus is currently active in the United Kingdom, shuttling passengers back and forth every day from Bristol Airport.
So how does it work? First, a GENeco waste disposal plant treats both food waste and sewage, using a natural process which mimics the human digestive system. The result is biomethane - the purified gas which fuels the BioBus, along with 8,300 UK homes every day. On a full tank of gas, the bus can travel 200 miles - not bad for what is essentially broken down unwanted food and sewage!
As one of GENeco’s founders says in this video showing the BioBus in action, “not everything we flush goes to waste.”

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