This Fashion Company Weaves Style Into Sustainable Pieces

Designing for a better planet



The commitment to forgoing fast fashion and investing in sustainable pieces and responsible garment production is growing stronger and stronger by the day.

In an era marked by renewed advocacy towards waste reduction and environmentalism, consumers and fashion designers alike are creating pieces that celebrate the Green Movement without sacrificing fit, comfort, or style. 337 Brand is one of those companies marching toward a practice that benefits all citizens of the world.

The womenswear line includes only sustainable, effortless basics with a bit of edge designed especially to make women feel comfortable and simultaneously, fashion forward. The designers are constantly inspired by nature, comfort, and kindness when creating items for “the women who is positive, humble, unafraid, and cares about people and the planet.”

Instead of seasonal pieces created to make the wearer feel out of fashion and dated in just a couple of months, The New York City-based brand focuses on items that give women confidence, remain timeless and can be worn 24/7. Supporting the eco-moment isn’t just about production, however.

It also requires companies to support local businesses and the talent that’s often just a few doors down the road. As we grow more and more knowledgeable about the effects of Global Warming, it’s becoming essential to remain conscious and vigilant about creating as little waste as possible with our food, electronics, wardrobes and more.

337’s model is a closed-loop system that designs and produces clothing with little to no waste at all, so customers can feel as good about their clothing as they do about contributing to movement that protects our planet and works to reverse some of the man-created damage. Their ‘walk the walk’ mentality doesn’t end with a purchase to take home.

337 BRAND also partnered with One Tree Planted and donate a dollar (and as a result a tree) for every order to areas that suffer from deforestation.

If you’re reading this and are wondering about whether the brand caters to menswear those seeking accessory pieces, great news; the brand announced that they’ll soon evolve into an international company that is more gender inclusive.

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