Is This the Iconic Tomato Sauce Bottle of Tomorrow?

This popular seasoned condiment is set to come in paper bottles.

Jun 22, 2022
Is This the Iconic Tomato Sauce Bottle of Tomorrow? | This popular seasoned condiment is set to come in paper bottles.

Did you know that ketchup can be found in most fridges and homes worldwide? In fact, it has been voted the most popular condiment in the United States! The tomato dip is a regular at people’s barbecues, birthday parties and everyday suppers, and is enjoyed and loved by adults and children alike. And in a recent press release, Heinz, one of the most popular ketchup brands, has announced that it will soon be adding a paper bottle option to their packaging repertoire! Sustainability is set to enter mainstream packaging as its customers will be able to help the environment while enjoying their delicious product; a real win-win!

Ketchup packaging options
At the moment, you can purchase Heinz ketchup in plastic and glass bottles. The new paper bottles will be made with sustainably-sourced wood pulp, says EcoWatch, and thanks to Heinz’s decision to partner  with sustainable packaging company Pulpex, will also be renewable and recyclable. This is a huge step forward, and sustainability-minded consumers are overjoyed at the news! 

Developing eco-friendly packaging
Heinz’s goal is to make all its product packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025. But first, its paper bottle prototype needs to be fully developed. After that, this new packaging needs to be thoroughly tested, including by consumers, and only after that can it be approved. One key factor being assessed is whether the ketchup can keep its typical taste and texture in the new bottle.

At the moment, Heinz already uses 30% recycled plastic and recyclable caps, says Metro News. And by 2050, the brand is aiming for an ambitious goal of zero-greenhouse gas emissions. The brand is committed to investing its resources toward this goal, and doing its part to take care of the planet.

The domino effect of sustainable packaging
Other brands have recently shown an interest in moving towards and becoming more environmentally friendly, such as Patagonia, an outdoors clothing company, Seventh Generation, a detergent company, Boxed Water,and Grove Collaborative, a cleaning supplies company. However, this move by a universally recognized household brand, Heintz, to embrace sustainability is amazing news and can potentially influence many other mainstream brands to do the same with all set to benefit.

As Pulpex CEO, Scott Winston, explained to Food & Wine,  "We believe that the scope for paper-based packaging is huge…and when global household names like Heinz embrace this type of innovative technology, it's good news for everyone — consumers and the planet."

Squeezing ketchup out of a bottle will soon be a collaboration of many worlds. The creativity, innovation and engineering that will go into developing the paper bottle prove that humans can do amazing things. We just have to put our minds, and hearts to it.

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