This Indonesian Slum Received a Colorful Makeover

Somewhere over the rainbow

Jul 12, 2017
This Indonesian Slum Received a Colorful Makeover | Somewhere over the rainbow

A small village in Indonesia went from slum to destination spot. Before the colorful makeover, even locals who live in Kampung Pelangi once called their tiny town of 325 homes “filthy.”

Eventually, local teacher, Slamet Widodo decided to give the dilapidated village a lift and transform it into a tourist attraction. $The 200,000 price tag was paid for through donations and sponsorships from corporations, and after one month, more than half the homes donned rainbow exteriors.

Thanks to the colorful makeover, tourists have flocked to the town, created an Instagram trend, and given the once struggling economy a lift.

A colorful paint job can go a long way.

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