Giving Slums Across the World a Graffiti Art Makeover

Share The Word mixes graffiti, words and art to draw attention to low income neighborhoods across the world.


Graffiti art in Jakarta.

(Kristina Ismulyani /

Graffiti artist Seb Toussaint and French photographer Spag are using their artistic talent to give underprivileged neighborhoods around the globe a colorful makeover. Part of the art collective Outsiders Krew, the talented twosome created Share The Word, a project that mixes graffiti, words and art to draw attention to low income neighborhoods.
Launched in 2013, Toussaint and Spag first select a neighborhood or area that they see as lacking in resources, and approach local residents to find out what words they want to share and express. Toussaint then gets to work, creating diverse graffiti art that is centered on the residents’ words, transforming the walls of homes, businesses and street ways into colorful and inspirational artistry. Every place they go, the Outsiders Krew involve the local children, giving them paintbrushes and spray cans to contribute to the murals and add their own unique touches.  
Share The Word has completed projects in Colombia, Indonesia, Kenya and Nepal, and the collective process between the neighborhood and the artists is documented through photography film and gallery work. Share The Word brings positive attention to otherwise ignored or neglected parts of the world - and changes residents’ lives for the better. Be sure to watch their beautiful videos that document the whole process by going here

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