This Man's Incredible 365-Day Transformation Will Blow You Away

Vance Hinds lost 198 lbs in one year with a strong mind and determination.

Jan 14, 2019

This time last year, Vance Hinds learned of comedian Bert Kreischer's sober October challenge and felt inspired by his message. Hinds decided to prove to himself that he too could achieve anything as long as he stayed committed. In early 2019, he achieved his goal.

The Georgia native began his weight loss journey weighing in at 475 pounds. To make sure he stayed on track, he recorded his progress and weekly weigh-ins and shared it on YouTube. While his transformation is plenty aspirational, one of the most extraordinary aspects came from his friends’ consistent support.

From the very beginning of his decision to change his life, Hinds’ friends would join him for a walk around the park. As the weeks went by, not only did he gain strength, his walking group grew as well. After a while, he was able to walk around the park once without stopping--a milestone he proudly captured on video with his supporters cheering behind him.

Day after day, Hinds made his health a priority, completing some form of exercise six times a week. Not long after he began shedding pounds, he received a tweet from former professional wrestler, fitness instructor, and motivational speaker, Diamond Dallas Page, who offered to help him take his progress to the next level.

With the help of Page’s workouts, Vance continued to lose weight loss every single week. The pounds melted away and as 2018 began drawing to a close, he became closer and closer to reaching his goal.

When he weighed himself one year after beginning his challenge, he felt ecstatic. The numbers on the scale read 277 pounds; he’d lost 200 pounds in one year, gained significantly more energy, and kept his spirits high throughout the process.

Hinds’ excitement and genuine, positive, attitude are contagious, and a heartwarming reminder that all you need to achieve a goal is a healthy mindset and commitment.

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