This NGO Teaches High Schoolers How to Cook Healthy Food

Curriculum of Cuisine turns snack junkies into foodies


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The brains of children and adolescents are like sponges - that is a given. And when they are exposed to new interests and skills at a young age, they can adeptly learn even the most challenging pursuits. A new nonprofit in Portland, Oregon called Curriculum of Cuisine is truly investing in the city's youth with an exemplary program that teaches high schoolers essential culinary skills through hands-on experiences with well known chefs in the industry.

The students learn how to be self-sufficient in cooking their own healthy meals and the program also offers the potential for career exploration. It's in-depth curriculum houses a wide range of educational lessons and experiences - from food-focused reading and writing, to the social and cultural analysis of ingredients, nutrition and wellness. Students taking part in the program also get to examine the cycle of farming and harvesting produce, and how it all applies and affects the culinary experience from seed to table.

Portland is renowned for its vibrant foodie community and innovative chefs, who use locally sourced raw materials and have a keen sense of the lay of the land. The regional restaurant industry prides itself on its awareness, sustainability, and best practices and has been lauded accordingly. So it comes as no surprise that Curriculum of Cuisine is inspired by and based in the city, hosting chefs who tailor their lessons, dishes, and ingredients according to each unique class.

These lucky kids are learning from the best and with such a thoughtful initiative at its base, are destined to apply and spread their knowledge of food, thereby promoting and engaging in a lifetime of wellness and nourishment. For many of the children taking part, the classes are the first time they get to experience fresh and healthy foods, all while learning about how our cooking practices affect the future of our planet and our own individual and collective health.

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