This Organic Juice Company Helps Unemployed Find Jobs

The sweet taste of altruism

Apr 4, 2018

Jan Schierhorn, the founder of organic juice brand Das Geld hängt an den Bäumen, didn’t want the extra fruit from his garden to go to waste, so he envisioned creating a company that would make use of the otherwise wasted food. When Jan’s neighbors and citizens of Hamburg, Germany found out about his idea, they gladly donated their extra produce.

While creating less waste was a main priority, the founder saw another opportunity to help people through his juices. He would employ residents down on their luck, who were unable to find work. Schierhorn took his vision to the Körber Foundation - an organization that addresses current challenges in innovation - and they donated 10,000 euros to help him kick off his business and create what is now Das Geld hängt an den Bäumen, which offers apple, elderberry, pear, red currant, and rhubarb varieties.

Keeping with their social activism roots, the company organized days where kindergartens and companies could volunteer and pick the produce, interacting and connecting with people all over the city. While the end result of the production process is organic, sustainable juice, customers can also feel good that their favorite juice has helped people find steady work and integrate into society.

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