This Rooftop Farm Takes Agriculture to the Next Level [VIDEO]

Green in the City turns ordinary people into urban farmers

Jan 27, 2017


This Rooftop Farm Takes Agriculture to the Next Level [VIDEO] | Green in the City turns ordinary people into urban farmers

A bustling mall in Tel Aviv's city center is tapping into growing trends - but not just on the fashion front, as one would expect. This growing trend is of a whole other variety - urban agriculture. On the roof top of Israel's oldest mall, Dizengoff Center, Israeli high tech farmer Mendi Falk has harvested the grounds for a soil-less hydroponic farm - and even more so - the platform to raise awareness and teach city dwellers how easy it can be to grow their own produce.

The Dizengoff farm is the first commercial urban farm in Tel Aviv, and since planting its first humble seeds less than two years ago, it has now grown to yield 10,000 units of greens per month, year-round, including 17 different variations of veggies and herbs, like boy choy, basil, tomatoes, mint, kale, cucumbers and onions. The space incorporates two greenhouses boasting 750 square meters of space for farming, but the real genius lies in the actual hydroponic methods.

Without the need for soil, the vegetables grow twice as fast, while using less water and land compared to traditional agricultural processes. On top of that, the produce is 100% organic and pesticide-free. Side by side, Falk has also successfully managed to cultivate a core local community driven by similar values and passions. Together they raise awareness on how urban farming can make a truly positive impact on our environment, the quality of our food, and consumption habits - including healthier, economically sustainable practices.

Dubbed Green in the City, workshops, educational demonstrations, and DIY informational displays with hydroponic home starter kits all take place on the premises. And as for the actual produce? It is sold in 'Honesty Stands' in the shopping mall with affordable price tags. The stands don't have any salespeople and are instead reliant on the honor system and a collection box for payment. Its high success rate is a testament to the whole initiative, and its truest indicator of a great big step in the right direction.

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