This Stray Cat Walked Into Hospital 'Asking' Doctors for Help!

A mother cat in Turkey displayed bravery, intelligence, and love for her young.

May 10, 2021
This Stray Cat Walked Into Hospital 'Asking' Doctors for Help! | A mother cat in Turkey displayed bravery, intelligence, and love for her young.

Whether it be a person, an animal, or even an insect, a mother’s instincts are never wrong. The drive to care for one’s young is something innate and vital. This idea rings true for a mother cat who acted fast and sought out help when her kittens were in trouble. This mama cat’s quick thinking may have just saved her babies. 

In the urban Karabaglar district of Izmir, in western Turkey, a stray orange tabby cat walked into a regular hospital holding a kitten in her mouth. As the mother cat moved through the hospital, people were surprised to see such a sight, but let her pass.

According to one of the employees, as reported in The Daily Mail, “As we began to receive patients in the morning, she showed up with her kittens. She asked for help, meowing for a long time. We were shocked.” The Daily Mail also reveals that the mother cat was familiar to the hospital staff, who had been leaving her food and water outside, but they were unaware that she had given birth to kittens.

The mother cat was concerned for her young because they weren’t able to open their eyes. After the doctors looked at the kittens, they noticed that they were suffering from eye infections. One of the health workers recalls, “We consulted with veterinarians and gave medicine as described. When the kittens opened their eyes a short time later, we were thrilled.” Luckily, they were able to treat the kittens and they are now healthy and medicated.

The same health worker reveals that “Later, we sent the mother cat and kittens to Uzundere [a town over one thousand miles away in Turkey’s Eastern Anatolia region] for further care.

This is the first time something like this has happened to us. We were emotional and delighted to see that they recovered well,” the health workers said, as reported in The Indian Express. The three cats are now up for adoption and will hopefully find loving forever homes.

When it comes to mother cats and kittens, the offspring are completely reliant on their mother for the first few months of their lives. As stated on Cole and Marmalade, kittens are blind and almost deaf until they are about two or three weeks old. This makes them entirely dependent on their mother to survive and stay out of harm’s way. The mother cat must protect her kittens from any threats of danger and be responsible for their wellbeing. 

Additionally, The Nest explains that due to their total dependency, the mother cat will rarely leave her babies during this time. The kittens are unable to keep themselves warm so the mother must help give them warmth and regulate their temperatures. Without the mother cat’s help, the kittens may not make it to adulthood. 

As shown by the mother cat in Turkey, a mother’s love and protection knows no bounds. It does not matter if the mom is a human, a cat, or even a fish, mothers will always look out for their babies and make sure they are safe and healthy.

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