This Teen's Bathroom Project Is a Perfect Show of Self Love

Love yourself and others



17-year-old Sabrina Astle was on a mission to turn her high school bathroom into a refuge for her teenage peers. In an effort to spread positivity, Astle covered her Laguna Hills High School bathroom in Southern California with 30 signs displaying uplifting messages such as “You are smart,” “You are doing better than you think,” and “You are beautiful.”

She told TODAY that she choose to decorate the bathroom because she knew the affirmations would be pretty noticeable. Astle wanted as many teens as possible to feel confident and practice self acceptance. ““It just reminds everyone that they are important and special in their own way, and that they shouldn’t feel like they are less than anyone because of what they see as a flaw,” the junior told TODAY.

Astle also started a “Kindness Club” at her school as a way to encourage students to show love towards themselves and others.

When a student’s mother found the signs in the bathroom, the pictures went viral. "I walked into the girl’s bathroom at a local high school over the weekend and was so amazed and overjoyed at what I saw. No mirrors just affirmations!" said the student's mother, Shannen McKinney Lob.

McKinney Lob posted a photo of the signs on the Facebook group Pantsuit Nation because she was so moved by the messages, and she wasn’t the only one feeling the love. “People have been smiling more. And I’ve noticed a lot of school pride, people saying, ‘I love the school because of things like this,’ which I thought was really cool,” Astle said.

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