This ‘Train-Plane’ Travels Faster Than a Jet!

Introducing an exciting new way to travel.

This ‘Train-Plane’ Travels Faster Than a Jet! | Introducing an exciting new way to travel.

It’s a plane, it’s a train, it’s super FluxJet! This new form of  transportation travels up to 620 miles per hour (1,000 kilometers). This may sound like fantasy or sci-fi, yet there are plans to get this up and running in Canada by 2027, according to CNN.

Canadian start-up TransPod announced their exciting idea in Toronto in July, 2022. Their fully electric train-style pod is based on Elon Musk’s ‘hyperloop’ idea with the train flying through an encased tube using ‘veillance flux,’ a new area of physics.

Aiming to build an infrastructure at the airport in Edmonton, Alberta, in 2023, FluxJet will link to Calgary, Alberta, two Canadian cities that are 200 miles (300 kilometers) apart. Riding on FluxJet will cut a three-hour drive down to 45 minutes.

Coasting in a tube
The riding experience, TransPod told CNN, will “feel like accelerating smoothly on a jet runway, and then coasting at full speed inside the tube guideway.”

FluxJet will actually travel faster than a commercial jet, according to CNBC, and will move at three times the speed of most high-speed trains. Each vacuum tube will be 82-feet long and will carry up to 54 passengers and 10 tons of cargo. The pods will be scheduled to leave every two minutes.

This is great news for travelers and environmentalists. A trip on FluxJet is estimated to cost 44 percent less than a plane ticket and there are zero emissions. FluxJet will be powered from the existing electrical grid using magnetic fields.

“The FluxJet is at a nexus of scientific research, industrial development, and massive infrastructure to address passengers’ needs and reduce our dependence on fossil -fuel heavy jets and highways,” co-founder  Ryan Janzen said in a TransPod press release.

This innovation reduces emissions and road congestion
Cars, trains, trucks, and planes are slow, create congestion, pollute, are fossil-fuel dependent, inefficient, and are susceptible to bad weather. In contrast, FluxJet aims to reduce highway congestion, reduce carbon emissions, and make travel more affordable.

A smooth, safe ride is especially important in northern climates where winter storms and ice can make driving unsafe. As for air travelers on short flights, riding on the TransPod system simply requires showing up at the platform; this is an improvement in a world of lengthy airport check-ins, flight cancellations, delays, lost luggage, and flight turbulence.

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As this transportation technology will also service the shipping sector, they envision offering same day deliveries for industries and businesses, as well as the ability to deliver fresh produce without worry about spoilage due to trucking delays.

Yes, sci fi may be coming to a city near you. “Discussions are already happening in Texas to connect Dallas to San Antonio, in the UAE to connect Dubai to Abu Dhabi and in Australia to connect Sydney to Brisbane,” TransPod co-founder Sebastien Gendron told CNN.

When this day comes, you will sit back in your FluxJet seat, and before finishing a full-length movie, you could be at your destination!

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