This Working Dog has a Real Job as a Car Salesman

The staff of the Brazilian Hyundai dealer adopted Tucson and now he is part of the family.


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It’s not unusual to see stray dogs hanging around outside markets or butchers or anywhere where there is a possibility of getting food. But one little dog who chose to stay outside a Hyundai dealer in Brazil seems to have hit the jackpot.

It all began one rainy day in May 2020 when Emerson Mariano, the manager of Prime Hyundai in Serra, Brazil decided to take in a small stray that had been regularly sited at the dealership according to Metro UK. Mariano said that the dog appeared to be in distress so he moved him inside, fed him, gave him a bath, and a warm place to sleep.

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Mariano also gave him a name, Tucson – after Hyundai’s small crossover vehicle – and he became so popular with the staff and customers that Mariano decided to adopt him.

Tucson, a one-year old mixed breed dog, was taken to the veterinarian and has received all the necessary shots. And, according to the Brazilian news agency ES360 was also given a job at the dealership and is now an official “car consultant”.

Since becoming an official part of Prime Hyundai, Tucson has received some really elegant accessories like a bow tie and tuxedo, according to Auto Blog, with his own official employee badge. And he’s become extremely popular with his own Instagram page that has over 160 thousand followers.

Besides being a customer consultant and posing around the cars, he is even getting to star in a nationwide advertising campaign.

Mariano told ES360 that he was happy to give Tucson a home since there have been an increase in homeless animals due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Dogs Trust, a UK charity has warned that the effects of the pandemic could lead to up to 40,000 dogs becoming homeless. Many owners may be forced to give up their pets to be rehomed and that euthanasia rates could increase.

Owen Sharp, the chief executive of Dogs Trust, told Sky News: “In these extraordinary times we know that circumstances can change in a heartbeat. The sad reality is that in times of financial hardship many people struggle to cope with looking after their pets, and the number of abandoned dogs has gone up.”

In Brazil, a country that has been hard hit by the pandemic, Tucson ’s new lease on life is even more poignant. This happy pub has a forever home due to the kind-hearted people at Prime Hyundai.

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