Through the Community Lens

Celebrating volunteerism through a unique photography exhibition

(courtesy Good Deeds Day)

An inspiring and innovative community photography exhibition titled "Through the Community Lens" brought together the spirit of volunteerism and the power of visual storytelling. The exhibition, which was held as part of Good Deeds Day 2023, was organized by Ruach Tova of the Ted Arison Family Foundation and showcased the remarkable social action taking place throughout Israel.

Good Deeds Day, a peak event of year-round doing good activities, was initiated by businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison in 2007. On this special day, millions of people across the globe participate in doing good. 

Celebrating Local Social Action
Local authorities in participating communities, including Even Yehuda, Ashdod, Givatayim, Dimona, Kfar Yasif, and Afula, issued a call for non-profit organizations, groups, and community initiatives to submit applications for inclusion in the exhibition. The aim was to visually capture and convey the essence of their work for the betterment of society. By utilizing the power of photography, this initiative offered a unique platform to showcase the efforts of volunteers and shed light on their valuable contributions to their communities.

“The idea was born out of our desire to focus on the activities of organizations and initiatives in Israel in an original way that heightens community awareness and participation. We wanted the participants to feel that their work is part of something much broader,” Ido Lotan, Ruach Tova CEO, told Goodnet. 

Engagement and Collaboration
In addition to showcasing the work of devoted volunteers, the exhibition served as a catalyst for others to join their ranks. The participating groups got the chance to interact with the public and recruit new volunteers thanks to the effectiveness of visual storytelling. Attendees were inspired to get involved in bringing about change by viewing the powerful photographs. The project included a photography challenge for volunteers to use their smartphones to document their efforts.

“There was joint activity by the visitors, families and local residents who assembled the photo walls together with representatives of the organizations,” Lotan explained. “The image that sticks in my mind the most is not specific, but rather the sight of volunteers hanging pictures together with residents from the community,” he added. 

Community Empowerment
Through the Community Lens was a great example of the power and tenacity of community-driven projects. It illustrated how neighborhood social engagement can significantly improve people's lives and forge a more solidified, interconnected society. The exhibition encouraged cooperation and support among all facets of society while honoring and highlighting the outstanding work of these groups.

Celebrating Volunteers
The exhibition served as a venue to recognize and celebrate the altruistic work of volunteers who devote their time, talents, and enthusiasm to changing the world. Photographers skillfully captured their inspiring work in fields including education, healthcare, environmental preservation, social services, and more. "Through the Community Lens" successfully communicated the spirit of neighborhood social activity by utilizing photography as an aesthetic medium while simultaneously promoting cooperation, volunteer recruitment, and a sense of community. This unique exhibition demonstrated the transformative power of volunteerism and emphasized the significance of working together as a community to bring about positive change. 

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Good Deeds Day, an annual global day of doing good, is the pinnacle of doing good year-round. Initiated in 2007 by business woman and philanthropist Shari Arison, Good Deeds Day has grown to 110 countries with millions of participants.  Good Deeds Day 2023 was on April 16