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Neighborland generates urban change


New Orleans.

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Over 50% of the world's population now lives in cities, so the conditions are ripe for improving, adjusting and rethinking the urban landscape and city life. On Neighborland, it’s city dwellers - rather than governing executives - that actively take part in city-related decision-making.
A digital platform where city residents can express their needs, share their ideas and discuss others' suggestions, Neighborland resonates with City 2.0 - a collaborative platform for sharing ideas for a better future city. Neighborland takes a more pragmatic and immediate streak, connecting between neighbors in an effort to generate change in their communities based on the ideas posted online; Suggestions run the gamut from more bike racks in downtown Houston to adding recycling bins in New Orleans.
The website started out as a springboard for change in New Orleans, and it's now also active in Boulder, Houston, Minneapolis and St. Paul, with other US cities on the Neighborland roadmap. [Source: Neighborland]

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