Tumblr Time: Wonder Women

Phenomenal People showcases some leading ladies

Women in action. Image: American Red Cross Canteen Corps, World War II, 1942

If you're looking for a way to celebrate International Women’s Day, on digital, check out Phenomenal People - a platform for sharing female heroes from all walks of life. All women are invited to take part and share the special figure that is a source of inspiration for them. Some names who have already made the list, which is beautifully featured on the Tumblr blog, are Queen Elizabeth I, Maya Angelou and Niki Minaj. Who makes yours?
Breaking out of the digital sphere and going live, Phenomenal People will culminate with the WOW-Women of the World Festival, a weekend of art and performances at the Southbank Centre in the UK from March 9-11. [Source: Phenomenal People ]  

Want to see it for yourself? Go here: phenomenalpeople.tumblr.com