Tuning into Strength: Essence of Life Radio Offers Solace Amidst Israeli National Crisis

Radio becomes a source of comfort and unity.

Radio personality Shimon Parnass

(Photo @ courtesy Essence of Life Radio)

In times of national crisis, the role of the media becomes pivotal in fostering a sense of unity and strength among the public. One remarkable example of this is Essence of Life and EOL Radio, founded by buisnesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison. Essence of Life Radio has risen to the occasion by crafting special programming aimed at providing comfort and fortitude to the Israeli public during challenging times. In the aftermath of a barbaric attack by the Hamas terrorist organization on Israel on October 7th, the nation found itself facing heightened tensions and uncertainty. Essence of Life Radio recognized the need to go beyond traditional broadcasting and has curated a series of programs designed specifically to address the emotional and psychological wellbeing of its listeners. 

Radio for the heart
Essence of Life Radio is an Internet radio station, part of the Arison Group, that broadcasts positive, thought provoking and inspiring alternative radio content on a wide array of topics, including inner peace, self-development, sports and music. Essence of Life has expanded its programming to address the needs of Israeli listeners. 

"I believe that we all changed on a personal level, and now we have changed as a people too. Something happened to us deep in the heart of this wonderful nation, and we will never be the same again. Although we are deeply hurting, we are united, loving and giving. We volunteer and we care. When our heart breaks on a personal level, strength, openness and love are built inside of us - the same thing happens to us as a nation; our hearts are broken, and something unifying, loving, giving, and caring emerges. I believe things will never be the same again, and even if some individuals insist on divide and petty arguments - the majority of us have already changed. The majority of us are unified and will continue to be unified," Arison stated in a heartfelt Facebook post.

“In Israel we received a blow to the heart and now we believe it is our mission to help heal the hearts of our nation. Music can serve as fuel for the heart and the soul. Our programs are broadcast from our hearts to the hearts of our listeners,” Assi Zigdon, General Manager of Essence of Life Radio, told Goodnet. 

Essence of Life radio offers the perfect antidote to a nation that is often obsessed with listening to news updates around the clock. “This is not escapism. We are offering people tools to keep them strong on the inside so that they can then deal with their difficult reality from a place of strength,” Zigdon stated.   

Programs include healing sounds, love songs to help the heart focus on hope and positivity, discussions on internal peace during times of war and meditations. This carefully curated content serves as a balm for frayed nerves, providing moments of respite and encouraging a collective sense of calm. 

“To help people find a reason to get up in the morning and start their day off in a happier way, we have a program at 7 am where people can send us their personal song requests. It helps people beat depression and stay positive,” Zigdon explained. 

Healing Meditation
Essence of Life is now broadcasting a unique healing sound meditation program, combining modern and ancient healing sounds. “Our program is meant for everyone - whoever wants to take a time out and calm down. Especially during this period when we are inundated with an excess of information, people need to slow down and take a look at what’s going on inside of them. We get feedback from listeners who have told us that listening to our meditations before bed has helped them get a more restful night’s sleep,” Host of the Meditation program, Dror Rada told Goodnet. 

“We just released a new meditative section of Tibetan bowls called Purifying. You can listen to before going to bed or when you wake up, while practicing, before meditating, in therapy or simply during the day to purify your energy. Just close your eyes, take a breath and focus your attention on the sounds,” Rada explained. 

Essence of Life Radio is providing support to the Israeli public who find themselves at a crossroads with great potential for true and deep spiritual transformation. People are looking deep within themselves to seek comfort and find purpose to go forward in strength. 

"People keep telling me that they are afraid we will go back to the same patterns once the war ends: back to the same old petty arguments and internal conflicts," Arison said, adding, "My answer to everyone is - why think like that? During Corona, people also said that everything would go back to being the same on the day after, but it didn't - there was an individual awakening. Nowadays, people rethink where and how much they want to work, where they would like to live, and what's important to them: family, children, health," 

Essence of Life Radio's special programming not only serves as a lifeline for individuals seeking solace but also contributes significantly to the national fabric by fostering a resilient and united community. In times of crisis, the power of media to shape the narrative and offer support becomes immeasurable, and Essence of Life Radio stands as a beacon of strength, using the airwaves to help the Israeli public navigate through tumultuous times with calm and fortitude.

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