Upgrade Your Cooking Skills At Home With This Italian Master Chef!

Catch Kitchen Quarantine on Instagram and let this brand new reality show transform your family meals.

Mar 23, 2020

Are restaurants and cafés in your area starting to close their doors? We’re pleased to report on a solution from a bighearted, community-minded and hospitable Michelin-starred Italian chef, Massimo Bottura. This top chef is throwing open the doors of his home and inviting everyone in via social media to create and taste some of the dishes he’s whipping up at home for his family.

Just days ago, Chef Bottura announced via Instagram that he’d be live streaming his family dinners on his Insta account to those who need to stay home, just like his family does. Bottura wants to make our lives a little better at this time. He plans to do this by teaching everyone to improve their cooking skills, eat healthy, and create delish dishes for their folks at home— inspired by him!

Bottura’s aptly named Kitchen Quarantine series is broadcast nightly at 8 p.m. CET on his Instagram page. On it, Bottura has already showed his followers how to make his signature tortellini in a creamy parmesan sauce, a spicy veggie Thai curry and a warm bollito meat salad with spinach, pomegranate, ground pistachios, beets and sweet onions. He has also been busy answering the most burning recipe questions that come in during his cookery live streams (catch them here!) on his daily Instagram Q&As that follow.

We can thank Bottura’s daughter, Alexa, for the idea. On day two of her family’s quarantine, seeing her Dad in the kitchen, she had a lightbulb moment. “Hey, I bet a lot of people would enjoy seeing this…” she thought. Luckily for us, her father was game, and the series was born, with Alexa filming the whole experience for viewers.

This is authentic family entertainment as even Bottura’s wife Lara, and son Charlie get involved, lending a hand, tasting, and commenting on the kitchen action.

Truth is, Bottura’s generous skills-sharing initiative is not totally unexpected. This three-Michelin-starred master chef recently closed his Francescana Osteria restaurant in Modena, Italy, with a “stay safe and be positive” message to his staff and customers. He’s passionate about helping people, and is the driving force behind Food for Soul, an organization partnering with community kitchen projects in several countries to offer nourishing meals to the needy while finding solutions to food waste.

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