The Website to Help You Change the World, Offline

Ourmark wants to help you leave your mark on the real world.

Jun 8, 2015
A group of volunteers

Volunteers - leaving their mark (Shutterstock) 

All over the world, people are leaving their mark - doing their little bit to bring about change. From donating blood to adopting pets, using solar energy and visiting elderly relatives, these good deeds combined add up to positive transformation across the globe.

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In an effort to inspire even more positive impact, a new online platform called Ourmark allows good doers to create a profile and keep a record of their good deeds. Users can also browse organizations and activities in over 20 inspiring topics, and connect to the perfect opportunity to make their mark on the world.
Just like these crowdfunding sites for good doers and this app that merges giving with social networking, Ourmark provides a digital space to coordinate Doing Good - out in the real world.