What is Your Love Style? [QUIZ]

An eye-opening quiz to give you some insight into your loving ways.

Feb 13, 2015


The saying that 'love makes you all warm and fuzzy inside' isn’t ironic- it’s actually true! Love in all forms - couples, family and friends alike - sparks activity across the entire body, as was discovered by a team of scientists in Finland. This emotional state has a certain power to enrich lives, increase generosity and allow individuals to open themselves up to the world around them.
Having said that, no one person is the same, and the ways that love is demonstrated varies greatly. How do you show your love? What do you do to ensure that someone you care about knows that you feel the same way? This eye-opening quiz will give you some insight into your loving ways, and shed some light on how you treat those dearest to you. 

Shoshana radiates doing good, driven by a love for people and community. Among many topics, she writes about friendship, creativity and healthy living.
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