The Wikipedia for Farming and Gardening Coming to You

OpenFarm aims to be a free and accessible database to satisfy anyone’s green thumb

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It all started with Rory Aronson, who was interested in gardening but didn’t know where to begin. Overwhelmed by Web searches that yielded tons of contradicting and confusing information, a light bulb went off in Aronson’s head to create a unified platform to answer growers’ needs called OpenFarm- the Wikipedia for farming and gardening. The Kickstarter funded project (and still open to donations) is in the works and will be a free and open database where growers can seek advice, share their experiences and find pertinent information. The site will feature growing guides which are structured stories about growing a specific plant according to particular practices and diverse environmental conditions. 
Urban gardening’s popularity is on the rise as folks are more concerned with where their food is coming from and there is a spike in new technologies that are making growing accessible and doable. OpenFarm is a welcome addition to the growing lexicon of farming and gardening resources with an easy-to-navigate format that will encourage even more folks to roll up their sleeves and start planting.

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