The World's First Sustainable Town, Built in the Jungle

Kalu Yala is set to be a tropical utopia in the rainforests of Panama, complete with a local economy focused on environmental stewardship.


sustainable village concept.

(petrmalinak / Shutterstock,com)

Jim Stice had a vision - to create the world’s first sustainable residential town. He found the perfect location, a 7,000 acre valley in the jungle of Panama that is set to be a model of environmentally sustainable living. Kalu Yala, meaning ‘sacred village’ in the indigenous Kuna language, is seeking entrepreneurs and tropical cowboys to invest and become property owners in the growing community. Sustainability is at the heart of Kalu Yala with clean off-the-grid energy, locally-grown food that minimizes the need for importing outside goods and building a strong local economy that supports and develops area businesses.  
With the construction of Kalu Yala’s first home set to begin in early 2015, the idyllic town is harnessing the energy and passion of young people as part of the Kalu Yala Entrepreneurial Internship program. In an effort to expose more people to Kalu Yala and help develop the area pre-construction, over 200 students from 16 different countries and 130 colleges have already had a hands-on experience delving into the fields of agriculture, biology, business, education health and outdoor recreation.  
The creation of Kalu Yala is a conscious and deliberate process, and Stice intends to sell just 20 houses per year. The doors to Kalu Yala are wide open, with an invitation to all those who are seeking to visit or reside in a community that is focused on innovation, collaboration and environmental stewardship.

Learn more about the jungle vision here: 

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