Where is the Greenest Building in the World?

Bullitt Center, Seattle

Professional construction team.

(SofikoS / shutterstock.com)

Have you ever heard of the Bullitt Center? If not, it will soon be on the tip of everyone’s tongue as the world’s greenest and energy efficient commercial building in the world. Situated in the fair city of Seattle, Bullitt developers are adhering to the Living Building Challenge, a stringent list of sustainability building markers. The process of building the Bullitt Center is just as significant as the final product, as developers, contractors and designers alike are positively challenged to make an eco-friendly building on all levels. Some of the green highlights of the Bullitt Center include: all water provided by harvested rainwater, 100% onsite energy use from solar panels, indoor composting toilets and toxic-free construction materials.
The living and breathing building will stand as a testament to how the sustainable and green route only benefits everyone in the end. [Source: Bullitt Center]

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