Yogi Cards Teach Yoga to Kids in a Playful Way

It’s never too early to strike a pose


(tinka's / shutterstock.com)

Yoga instructors Karin Stella and Guy Meltzer know the importance of connecting to your body, mind, and soul, so they’re making it their mission to introduce kids of all ages to its many benefits. The pair created YOGI cards, a game that teaches children yoga through beautiful illustrations and playful rhyming instructions.

The deck comes with 40 cards that engage parents and children in fun activities that focus on skills such as: creativity, mindfulness, communication, self-confidence, concentration, connecting with nature, and mental and physical balance.

YOGI comes with original names for poses--inspired by nature--as well as the traditional pose names and Sanskrit meanings. Kids can either choose an activity from the leaflet included inside the package, pick a game off of YOGI’s website with the help of their parents, or invent their own game. YOGI cards is available on Amazon.

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