Can Your Footsteps Create Electricity?

Pavegen converts footwork into energy


Make energy by using your feet.

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Could your daily walk to work be the answer to creating clean energy? Welcome Pavegen, a new company that is converting kinetic energy (footsteps) into electricity which can be stored and used to power lights, signage and communications networks.

The Pavegen patented technology is made up of tiles (all from recycled materials) equipped with a wireless interface that can communicate with any software or hardware application to record footfall data, energy generation or give live information to social media networks.

The innovative newcomer has made the rounds at the Schneider Paris Marathon, WWF Earth Hour in Singapore and is a permanent installation at various locations in the UK. Pavagen just might have the ability to make our cities cleaner and more efficient by harnessing the power of the two-foot express - your feet!

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