Eco Web Hosting

We are a web hosting company based in the UK that focuses on providing reliable and fast hosting packages for customers who care about the environmental cost of web hosting. We plant trees for our hosting packages and servers, as well as offset the carbon footprint of our employees.

Garden Collage

Garden Collage is a online lifestyle magazine that curates stories about the aesthetic value of gardens, environmental innovation, plant-based beauty products, the farm-to-table movement, travel, and other fresh takes on the enduring appeal of gardening in our modern world. The magazine explores the ever-changing role of the contemporary garden with their mission to bring the garden into people's lives.


Alfrea, an e-commerce sharing platform, fosters local sustainable agriculture in three ways. First, we help people find space to grow their own food. Second, we offer support services to save time and improve organic growing results. Third, we provide a market for small-scale locally grown food.

Frontier Markets

Frontier Markets (FM) is a sales, marketing and after-sales service distribution company in Rajasthan. Founded in 2011, Frontier Markets works with local channel partners and field staff to educate, relate, and reach households providing them access to high quality and affordable clean energy solutions. FM creates solar retail points in the last mile and support them with service centers and after-sales. FM works with manufacturers to get the right products to our rural customers. FM creates women entrepreneurs which is the solar saheli campaign; as FMll as working with local rural villagers to build presence of solar in Rajasthan. To date, FM have sold over 103,000 solar solutions and have created 800 retail points and 500 solar sahelis. Frontier Markets’ mission is to provide over 5 million products to 20 million households in India by 2020.


amBIO supplies plant-based, 100% natural cleaning products for households and business. Our range of amBIO specialty products are developed from naturally renewable, plant-based products and are suitable for a wide range of industrial and household applications.

The Greenhouse of the Future

The Greenhouse of the Future is an innovative and strategic design, built of recycled and natural materials, that interacts with the natural phenomena of the planet in order to create the ideal environment for growth and abundance. The technologies and concepts that have inspired the design of this greenhouse have been proven by over 40 years of research and development by Michael Reynolds’ Earthship homes as well as the many studies on passive solar greenhouses.


OAS1S architecture is designed as trees, earth’s most ancient, important and appreciated structures. The unique design is shaped as a numeral 1 and answers to the deep human need to become 1 with nature. OAS1S creates 21st century icons with a highly desirable and true fusion of architecture and nature. A passionate and innovative answer to the current and urgent call for sustainable urbanization globally. A win-win-win concept for people, nature and society, with a mission for radical urban improvement.

Eva Smart Shower

Eva is a smart shower device that saves up to 50% of your water. Features include a temperature setting that shuts off your water at the start of the shower once a desired temperature is reached, a unique sensor system that adjusts the water flow based off the user’s needs and a timer that reminds users when they are taking too long of a shower. 


Jugglebox provides eco-friendly reusable plastic moving boxes for residential, commercial and college moving needs throughout Connecticut, New York City and Hudson County New Jersey.

Hudson Valley Harvest

Hudson Valley Harvest distributes fresh produce, meat and eggs, frozen vegetables, and shelf stable items from a network of over 40 independently-owned family farms in New York’s Hudson Valley to restaurants, grocers, and institutions all over the Tri-State area. Founded by a farmer and a chef in 2011, Hudson Valley Harvest only operates locally and their products are completely transparent and traceable to their source.


A genuine global innovation is currently springing up all over Europe. A number of young design and robotics students have produced the first pencil you can plant. When the pencil becomes too short to write with, you simply plant it in a pot and after a few weeks you will have delicious fresh herbs or vegetable for the kitchen or flowers for the garden or living room.


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Broadway Green Alliance

The Broadway Green Alliance is an industry-wide initiative that educates, motivates, and inspires the entire theatre community and its patrons to adopt environmentally friendlier practices.  

Restart Project

The Restart Project is a London-based social enterprise that encourages and empowers people to use their electronics longer, by learning fundamental repair and maintenance skills.


WeHatetoWaste is global learning community of influential consumers — ‘green moms’ and teachers, leaders of local governments, churches and not-for-profit groups, and brand managers and business leaders. We personally hate to see things go to waste: food, energy, water — you name it and want to do something about it.
We have come together at this website and at offline events to learn about practical ways that we can prevent waste at home and at work, conserve natural resources, and get the most from the products we buy.

Wild Mint

At Wild Mint, we are dedicated to providing the best non-toxic and eco-friendly products to help families build a healthier lifestyle and environment. We are continually learning, growing, and making sure we are as up-to-date as possible on research about harmful chemicals, new products, and green practices. We want to make change easier and hope to portray that no matter how big or small the changes you make in your life are, you are making a difference!