Roots Interns

 Our mission is to create the perfect balance between meaningful work and valuable learning. That’s why we offer nonprofit internships in Africa for people around the world; internships that support important social and conservation initiatives happening at a grassroots level. And we offer a wide range of NGO internships in Africa so that we can offer the perfect experience for students of different areas


GivingWay is a global platform connecting volunteers and grassroots organizations – directly and for free. Through the GivingWay marketplace, travelers seeking to volunteer abroad can find suitable causes based on their skills and the needs of local communities, making it simple and free for anyone to volunteer - anywhere in the world.

Pari Voluntourism Solutions

Pari Voluntourism Solutions provides cross cultural experiences in India that combine travel and volunteering opportunities for international volunteers. Pari Voluntourism Solutions is focused on helping the communities in the rural villages of Dharamshala, especially women and children. 

Volunteer World

Volunteer World is the first independent platform that connects volunteers and social projects on a global scale. The volunteer platform provides a community marketplace for people to list, discover, and apply to international volunteer opportunities. You can discover more than 500 volunteer abroad opportunities in 70+ countries around the world. Volunteer World’s mission is to have lasting positive impact on the volunteer market by providing cost and service transparency of volunteer programs as well as significantly simplifying the search and application process.

Amistad Institute

Founded in 2003, Amistad Institute is an organization located in Heredia, San Jose downtown, and Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. The Amistad Spanish school offers language classes, as well as exchange and volunteer programs all around the country from a staff that has near 20 years experience in the language immersion and volunteer industries. 


iSpiice is a humanitarian organization supported by volunteers across the world that builds partnerships between international volunteers and Indian communities. iSpiice offers the opportunity to make a real difference while traveling, to give back to the global community and  enjoy a meaningful travel experience. 

OneDay Social Volunteering

OneDay Social Volunteering is an international social organization that provides a platform for young adults to volunteer in a wide range of activities in the most flexible, accessible and enjoyable way, while increasing their social and professional networks with people their own age.

Volunteers Initiative Nepal

Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) is a non-profit charitable volunteer organization based in Nepal and founded in 2005. VIN’s mission is to empower marginalized communities through enhanced education, health, income generation and basic infrastructure programs,  with a special focus on women and children. To achieve their goal, they conduct training and research through mobilizing local and international volunteers to promote equality, economic well-being and basic human rights. 

Garhwal English Medium School

GEMS is a charitable school located in the Indian Himalaya. We educate over 200 students who come from over 25 villages in the area. These children would not have access to quality education if it were not for our school. We invite volunteers from around the world to come and teach in our school, and share their knowledge and skills with our children. We are in the business of providing children with skills and opportunities so they will have more choices in their lives and hopefully be able to rise out of poverty.

Voluntario Global

Voluntario Global is built around a set of ideologies and practices to meet common economic and social needs. It promotes the act of volunteering as a collective practice, an exchange of knowledge and mutual learning; as a two way process, not a charity. At the same time, we work towards an ideal of inclusive economic growth, which means equal opportunities for people to reach their potential, an ethic which values people, and doesn't see them simply as a commodity.


People who volunteer share interests and core values such as compassion, a sense of adventure, flexibility and most importantly the desire to help improve the lives of people and the communities in which they live. iHeartVolunteers is an exclusive dating service to help these people connect. 


SLV is a volunteer organisation providing vocation specific placements in Sri Lanka. Our placements abroad offer the chance to gain work experience in teaching English, coaching sports, working with children and with people with special needs, and working in the mental health sector.

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is an app that connects blind people with volunteer helpers from around the world via live video chat. Download now and start helping blind people see.

WLS International

WLS International is a British Volunteer Organization that offers rewarding and affordable volunteer programs in Asia. For over 10 years we have been organizing volunteering programs in Asia to thousands of international volunteers from all over the world. We are committed to promoting cross-cultural awareness and helping communities in developing countries in Asia.

Center for World Outreach

Centre for World Outreach (CFWO) is a non-governmental and a charity based organization. Currently based at South Senchi in the Asougyaman District in Ghana, our organization has developed a number of different programs in community development, supporting schools, orphanages, hospitals and volunteer exchange.