The 10 Characteristics of a Nice Person [VIDEO]

The School of Life lays out the 10-point guide to being a well-rounded and emotionally aware human being.

Mar 23, 2015

The School of Life hits the nail on the head with its list of 10 virtues of a nice person. This thoughtful video provides an introspective taste into exploring the bigger questions of what makes people tick and how to treat others. Which characteristics do you possess on the list? What areas could you work on?

1. RESILIENCE  - the art of pushing through even when things get a bit dark.

2. EMPATHY – the ability to connect compassionately and identify with the unique experiences of others.

3. PATIENCE – keeping cool when things don’t automatically go your way.

4. SACRIFICE – forgoing your own satisfaction for someone else’s.

5. POLITENESS – learning manners and being considerate of others

6. HUMOR – seeing the funny side of situations and being able to laugh at oneself.

7. SELF-AWARENESS - being accountable for your actions by being connected to who you are.

8. FORGIVENESS – cutting others slack and excusing errors when possible.

9. HOPE – the belief in all the great things that are yet to come, and knowing that there is something better on the horizon.

10. CONFIDENCE – having the ability to believe in yourself and taking risks. 

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