A Day in the Life of Someone Else

Life Swap enables you to live your dream job

Portrait of a young man.

(novak.elcic / shutterstock.com)

Passion and curiosity are the hallmarks of Life Swap, a company that facilitates immersion experiences for those interested in exploring different careers. Whether you want to change jobs or you are just entering the workforce, Life Swap can open up professional possibilities by giving individuals a real taste of what their dream job entails.
Life Swappers have the chance to shadow a professional in their desired field, listing awesome opportunities that range from a visit to Facebook or a morning at Goldman Sachs, to the chance to see what it really takes to be a gym trainer or an event planner.
The inventive startup was created by Stanford students and advisors, and provides career explorations to prospective applicants primarily in the Bay area. Life Swap hopes to expand further, and allow more people to slip on someone else’s professional shoes. Does it fit? [Source:Life Swap]

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