21 Fun Things to Do During Summer Solstice

With so many sunlight hours the opportunities are endless.



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In the northern hemisphere some cultures see June 21, known as summer solstice, as the end of spring and the beginning of summer, while others see it as the middle of summer and each region has its own way of marking it.

The beauty of this day is that no matter where or how it is celebrated it is the longest day of the year and that means early sunrises, plenty of sunlight hours (as much as 22 hours in some places) and magical late sunsets.

Make the most of the longest day of the year with this fun list of things to do that are also really good for you.

Summer Solstice 2017

1. Perch yourself on rooftop, hill or any other vantage point to watch the sun as it rises and lights up the sky.

2. Take a cushion, go outside, find a quiet spot and do some meditating. It will make you feel great.

3. Leave the house early in the morning and just start walking. Leave your cellphone and all other distractions at home and let your feet guide you. Explore. Discover. Marvel.

4. Grab some healthy seasonal fruits and share them with friends.

5. Find a park and read one of your favorite books.

6. Take a stroll along the beach, it’s just as beautiful as it is good for your health.

7. Learn about how other cultures celebrate the summer solstice and embrace a new tradition.

8. Get creative by going out with a canvas and some paint to capture the magic of midsummer. See here for inspiration.

9. Treat yourself to a refreshing ice cream, it is summer after all!

10. Go do that outdoor activity that you always want to do but say you don’t have time because of work. It’s going to stay light till late so today is the perfect opportunity!

11. Help those who may find the heat and long days too much by volunteering. It will make you feel great.

12. Go for a swim, or just a fun splash around, in an outdoor pool.

13. Find an outdoor yoga class and get in touch with your body. If you can’t find a class, get hold of a mat and try these simple poses by yourself.

14. Plan a spontaneous summer vacation.

15. Cool off with some homemade lemonade.

16. Take five minutes to show gratitude and think of all the things about summer that you are thankful for.

17. Pick your favorite summer tune, crank up the volume and dance around in your underwear.

18. Smile! It will make this already awesome day even happier.

19. Go on an evening road trip as the light of dusk leads the way.

20. Invite some friends over for an al fresco dinner and play fun games until it gets dark.

21. Watch the sunset!