An Open-for-All Lab for Makers

TekVenture Maker Station is home for creators



Image from TekVenture on Flickr

The dreams of makers, creators and innovators can now come true at TekVenture Maker Station - a partnership of the non-profit TekVenture and Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
The 50 ft space is fit with a variety of tools that enable the digital creation of prototypes: a CNC router and milling machines, a 3D printer, metal lathe small injection molder, vacuum forming prototyper, assembly areas and more. The Maker Station enables library patrons - young and old, students and teachers, children and parents - to start creating, aided by the staff of volunteers that man the Station. The facility also hosts a variety of workshops to learn how to use the machines on hand and turn concept or idea into a creation.
Driven by a wish to provide an environment that enables and fosters creativity, TekVenture also encourages interaction between makers and aspires to introduce creators with emerging technologies. [Source: TekVenture]

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